CAP Draft Strategy

Executive Summary

Our second climate action plan, Climate Neutral Dublin 2030, sets out the actions that will be taken by the City Council to prepare our city and people living here for the known impacts of climate change – flooding, sea level rise, extreme weather events, drought. Climate Neutral Dublin 2030 will set out how the City Council will mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and contribute the global effort to limit warming to below 1.5oC.   

Realising a Dublin City where we are resilient, resource-full, creative, and social requires all of us. Join us, as we work together to prepare Dublin City, our home, for the impacts of climate change now and into the future.


Our plan has three targets that are interdependent:

  • A 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in line with our National Climate Objective by 2030, while striving for neutrality before 2050 as per Dublin City’s participation in the EU Mission for 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities (Net Zero Cities). 
  • A Climate Resilient City prepared for the known and unknown impacts of climate change
  • A Just Transition meaning that the actions we take do not cause harm. 

Foundations and Connecting Actions

Achieving our targets requires collaboration to ensure that the actions connecting the foundations of our plan are interdisciplinary and consider the diverse systems that support life in our city.  The foundations of our plan build on our city’s strengths.

The connecting actions support the foundations – A Resilient City, A Resource-Full City, A Creative City and A Social City.  While the actions are categorised they are not independent of each other.  All actions are interconnected and require a collaborative approach. We recognise that Dublin’s success is Ireland’s success, and success requires that everyone is working together.