CAP Foundation 3: We are A Creative City

Foundation 3: We are A Creative City

What does this mean?

Cities are built on knowledge gained over life times with ideas passed from generation to generation, each learning from the previous, and innovating. Climate change impacts us all and we need to learn together and from each other. Sometimes tomorrow’s problem has a solution in yesteryear.

Experience shows that when we come together we can innovate and develop solutions that work for everyone. The Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership is a demonstration of eco-innovation and collaboration led by DCC that has received international attention.  The designation of Dublin Bay as a biosphere by UNESCO in 2015 recognised the importance of biodiversity and habitats in Dublin Bay, which has allowed the growth of a sustainable tourism market and innovative approaches to climate adaptation to emerge.  It is also a place that Dubliners are proud of and celebrate for its rich natural heritage. 

We know that Dubliners are creative, our city is the birth place of great poets, writers, musicians, artists, architects and designers. But everyday creativity is all around us. That creativity is key to our transition to a climate resilient future; bringing people with diverse expertise together to collaborate will foster innovation.  To support innovation the city we will provide citizens with spaces to connect, work with academia, and grow their ideas. Further we will connect people to sources of funding such as the community climate action fund and the creative climate action fund. 


What actions do we take?

  1. Community Hubs:  Our Libraries are community hubs where people of all ages meet, and share ideas. Expanding the services of our libraries can support climate action through maker spaces, workshops, and libraries of things. We know from the work of our Culture Company that there are artists and makers who are active across the city and ready to share their knowledge and draw communities together.
  2. Networks for Knowledge Exchange: Dublin city is home to world class third level institutions nurturing Ireland’s next generation of leaders.  We are establishing a partnership programme that brings academics, students and the city together to develop creative solutions to the challenges we face. Together, we will be at the cutting edge of research and innovation driving systems change.
  3. Innovation Districts: Our Smart City programme is developing innovation districts that bring together diverse SMEs to create solutions that improve the city. Smart Districts are strategically selected locations across Dublin where innovation projects are fast-tracked. Smart Districts are designed in partnership with citizens, industry, and academia. Each Smart District is unique, with projects designed to meet the specific needs of those who live and work there.  We will continue to develop these districts and focus on climate action. 
  4. Decarbonisation Zones: We will build on the knowledge and experience gained from our smart districts, and develop our two decarbonisation zones in Ringsend and Poolbeg, and Ballymun. The development of the decarbonisation plans for Ringsend and Poolbeg, and Ballymun, will be a collaborative effort to insure that the unique strengths of each zone come to the fore and permits ownership of the challenges and solutions.      


How will we know we are creative? 

Headline Indicator

  • Improved socio-economic status evidenced through employment, educational attainment, and volunteerism rates

Crosscutting Indicators

  • Increase in number of SMEs based in Dublin City (links to SDG Target 8.3 Promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalization and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, including through access to financial services.)
  • Increased use of libraries.
  • Development of decarbonisation zone plans.
  • Increased rate of circularity.

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